Dr.Fatehi ICC Welcome Note


Welcome Note for the 6th Imaging Informatics Conference


Imaging informatics has evolved in Iran significantly in the past decade. The main objective of the first imaging informatics meeting as an ancillary event of the 21st Iranian congress of radiology was to introduce the concept of CR and overview of PACS because there was no running installation inside Iran at that time.


Currently digital image acquisition is no longer a significant problem in the country.  There are numerous CR/DR installations all around the country.


Although the PACS has not been efficiently supported by officials in Iran, but we have gradually increasing PACS coverage all over the country. Of course the quality and scale of PACS installations is still limited and few examples of a fully integrated system are available.


The major problem of digital imaging in Iran is currently the image distribution.

Sufficient percentage of medical images are acquired and stored in digital format but the clinicians are mostly reluctant to use these images and request for the printed version of the images.


It has a tremendous effect on health economy in Iran. In addition to the investment for digital imaging and PACS, the costs of dry printing are even higher compared to traditional radiology films. So, not only the digital transition has not helped us to reduce costs but also it has resulted in parallel costs of digitalization and dry printing. The only way to get rid of this unnecessary costs is to encourage, enable and help clinicians in using digital imaging formats.


So, this has be considered a high priority for Iranian Medical Council and Iranian Society of Radiology and selected as the main theme of the conference. I would like to thank Dr. Jahangiri for accepting to be the president of the meeting in his role as deputy of medical council for planning and auditing. 


Mansoor Fatehi, MD, CIIP

General Secretary, Iranian Society of Radiology

Director, Medical Imaging Informatics Research Center, Tehran