ISR president welcome massage


Informatics is a new branch of science and is a complementary style of radiologic arrangements to study patients for diagnosis ,treatment and total management.

I.T captured all world boundaries before year 2000,and today if there is N.number of radiological items you can find N+1 items in informatics about it. 2 or 3 decades before cybernetics was the science between all other sciences,but today I.T and informatics are in the same position between all human  knowledge.

Iranian society of radiology ,made 4 informatics conferences in Tehran,Tabriz and Shiraz,and now we are going to make fifth informatics in Shiraz again. My thanks goes to scientific and executive committees of 5th conference in ISR and Shiraz medical university.

At this critical scientific, economic and healthcare points we need PACS,teleradiology and film-less radiology from informatics conference outcomes.


Jalal Jalal Shokouhi,MD

President of  Iranian Society of Radiology